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Deathwing defeated - Normal DS10 completed

Jagdhar, Feb 28, 12 9:38 AM.
Grats on [Destroyer's End]!

7/8 DS 10!

friendly-orc, Feb 21, 12 10:04 AM.
The Fridgees and their latest exploits in Dragon Soul Raid. Thanks to the buff introduced recently, we were able to successfully PTK boss than getting ourselves PTKed

Yor'sahj the Unsleeping, is there such a word as "Unsleeping"?

Next to PTK was Warlord Zon'ozz, also known as the volleyball boss
Q's rogue heard that Hagara the Stormbinder had legendary daggers in her pocket. So he did an equally legendary pickpocket in Hagara's face.

Ultraxion was known as Ultrasiong due to the AOE healing intensity of the encounter. Good thing everyone doesn't have much to relearn as the fight was similar to that of LFR

We did spent a few more attempts on Warmaster Blackhorn as he is a really hard nut to crack

I left the Spine of Deathwing SS in the lanshop PC and it was deleted after I rebooted the PC. No matter! We shall take it again!

Raggy purged!

friendly-orc, Feb 11, 12 1:39 PM.

Raggy purged by fire. Special thanks to Axue's cutie pie voice keeping everyone awake   

Last patch before Cataclysm ends. Enjoy

friendly-orc, Nov 29, 11 10:02 AM.
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